Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving !

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and the first thing I want to do is thank all of you for putting up with my shenanigans and stopping by to read my journal. Have a very special Thanksgiving Day and enjoy your family and friends.

I'm not really sure if tonight will be an AREA 51 evening, but knowing myself relatively well, there's a good chance I'll at least make happy hour to see my pals. I'm sure I'll be home early because if I party tonight, tomorrow and Friday, chances are that it will take me a week to find all my body parts.

I've been watching the government bailout program and I have emailed Washington, letting them know that if I do not receive a bailout loan from them in the amount of $1,000, I may have to curtail my public service reports about the various nightclubs, cafes and restaurants in AREA 51. This loan will enable me to continue my reports and help my advisor, Johnnie Walker Black and myself to complete this important work.

There's a new plan out to piss off Obama and the democrats. Bush should resign now. Dick Cheney would then become President. Then Cheney appoints Condoleeza Rice as Vice President. Cheney resigns two weeks later and Condoleeza Rice, a Republican, becomes the first Black woman President! I could live with that!

This Date In History 1504; Isabella I of astile, who with her husband, Ferdinand of Aragón, had united Spain as one nation, dies in Medina del Campo aged 53. 1703; The Great Storm of 1703, the most severe storm ever recorded in the British Isles, hits southern England and the English Channel, killing about 8,000 people and causing unprecedented damage.

1789; Thanksgiving Day is first celebrated as a national holiday in the United States. 1906; Theodore Roosevelt visits Panama, becoming the first sitting US president to travel abroad. 1965; France successfully launches the Diamant A rocket into space, becoming the world's third space power after the Soviet Union and the United States.

Picture Of The Day Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite days in that it is really a day for family and friends. Christmas Day always seems to be hurried and a lot of travelinging to different places, dropping off gifts and visiting lots of people. Thanksgiving, on the other hand is usually a simple task. It's usually one place, go there, eat until you shouldn't and enjoy the day.

There's always a football game on and in my case, sooner or later a poker game breaks out, but the end result is that the holiday is always laid back and relaxing. I also look forward to the care package that is always given to me to take home, filled with enough turkey and trimmings to last me a week.

Birthdays: John Harvard, clergyman 1607, William Cowper, poet 1731, Mary Edwards Walker, American doctor and feminist 1832, Cyril Cusack, Irish actor 1910, Charles Schulz, American comic-strip artist 1922, Tina Turner, American singer 1939.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

An elderly man picked his new date at the rest home and they went to the river to ride in his boat. As he came to the fork in the river, he was undecided as to go up river or down river. He said to his date, "Up or down?" She immediately tore off her clothes and made passionate love to him. At the next fork in the river, he again asked, "Up or down" and the woman, once again, ripped off her clothes and made love to him.

The next day, he picked her up again and at the fork in the river, he asked, "Up or down?" The old woman said "Down". Disappointed, he steered down river until the next fork. Once again, he asked, "Up or down?" The old woman responded, "Up".

The man was thoroughly baffled and finally said to the woman, "Yesterday, every time I asked you if you wanted to go up or down, you made love to me. What's the deal?" The woman said, "Yesterday, I wasn't wearing my hearing aid and I thought the choices were 'hump or drown."

That's it for today my little drumsticks. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day and more on Friday.

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...


MISSY said...

I like your plan to piss off Obama!! LMAO!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving. *M*


Julie said...

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving and I hope you get your bailout package. Don't hold your breath though. Loved the graphics today.

Myra said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Love the Norah Jones song :)

Missie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pamela said...

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving Jimmy!

Bama said...

I love the plan to piss off Obama!
Happy T-Day, Jimmy! Thanks for being a part of my life!!


Paula said...

Wishing you a nice Thanksgiving Day. Liked the elderly couple joke. So glad I found your blog. Laughing makes me feel good.

Frances said...

I agree with Paula, laughing makes me feel good. And reading your entry each day always gives me a good laugh. Thanks for that, Jimmy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and eat lots of good food!!!

Rose said...

Let me know when you receive the bailout check.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful that I have you as a friend.

Hugs, Rose

Martha said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jimmy! :-)

Woody said...

Let me know when you get your $1,000.00 check so I can file for mine too:

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :o)