Friday, November 28, 2008

And Now A Week Of Turkey Sandwiches !

Although I said I probably wouldn't go out on Hump Day, I probably did! Oh yeah, I did! I really wasn't going to go out but, at the last minute, my partner in crime, Emilio, called and said there was a big poker game at the cigar club ( I think it's called the Havana Cigar Club, but I'm still not sure). Needless to say, We headed on over to the club and sure enough, a poker game broke out. I didn't play, mainly because there was a very lovely bartender all by herself and I didn't think it would be gentlemanly to leave her all alone (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Later in the evening, the bartender was busy serving drinks to the poker players, so I took a stroll over the Billiards Club (which, incidentally, is in the same shopping center as the cigar club) and what to my wondering eyes should appear sweet Nicole. Actually, I knew she was going to appear because I called her from the cigar club. About two hours later, Emilio called and was ready to go home, but I told him that I had found a ride home.

Thanksgiving day was definitely laid back and I ended up going up to Weston to party with some good friends. The host has a great music room, complete with drums, keyboards, guitars and a great p.a. system so we ended up jamming a lot. There's is also a baby grand piano in another room and I spent half the evening between the two music areas. I have no idea what time I finally got home, but I know I went to the party at 10:00 p.m., so take it from there.

So, today's Friday and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In theory, tonight's party night in AREA 51, but I'm not real sure if I have any gas left. Oh, my car's got plenty of gas, I'm just not real sure about the driver. I know I said the same thing on Wednesday, but you should know me by now. It's early yet, we'll see.

This Date In History: 1520; Ferdinand Magellan sails around South America from the Atlantic Ocean, reaching an ocean that he names “Pacific” (meaning “peaceful”) because of its calmness. 1893; The first women in the world ever to vote in a national election do so in New Zealand.1919; Nancy Astor becomes the first-ever woman to take a seat in the House of Commons as an MP.

1943; The Tehran Conference, during World War II, sees the so-called “Big Three” of Marshal Joseph Stalin, President Franklin Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet for the first time. 1990; Margaret Thatcher officially resigns as prime minister after more than 11 years in office, and is replaced by John Major.

Picture Of The Day There's just something about Autumn that I just can't resist. I like the nip in the air, the way the sunlight seems to shine a bit differently on the trees and the general feel of the coming winter season. I found a few more pictures which reflect those feelings and I wanted to share them with you.

Birthdays: Jean Baptiste Lully, Italian-born French composer 1632, William Blake, poet, painter, and engraver 1757, Friedrich Engels , German revolutionary political economist and co-founder, with Karl Marx, of scientific socialism, now known as Communism 1820, Sir Leslie Stephen, biographer, critic, and philosopher 1832, Randy Newman, American pop singer and composer 1944.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

A man goes into his dentist's office as something is wrong with his mouth. After a brief examination the dentist exclaimed, "Holy Smoke!!! That plate I installed in your mouth about six months ago has nearly completely corroded. What on earth have you been eating?"

The man replied, "Well the only thing that I can think of is this...My wife made me some asparagus about four months ago with this stuff on it. Hollandaise Sauce, she called it. And, Doctor, I'm talking delicious. I've never tasted anything like it. And ever since I've been putting it on everything--meat, fish, toast, vegetables, you name it.

"The dentist responded, "That's probably it. Hollandaise sauce is made with lemon juice, which is acidic and highly corrosive. I'll have to install a new plate, but this time I'll make it out of chrome."

The man asked,"Why chrome?" The dentist replied , "Well, everyone knows there's no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise."

A man was in the mall, having a hamburger at the food court. A teen came up and sat down beside him, giving him the "I'm bad" typical teen look. The boy's hair was dyed in shades of blue, yellow, green, red and orange. The man couldn't help but stare at the kid's hair.

Finally, the teen looked over, saw the man staring and said, "What's the matter, old man, haven't you ever done anything wild in your life?"

The man replied, "As a matter of fact, I have. I got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son."

That's it for today my little candied yams. Have a great and safe weekend and more on Monday.

Stay turned !


Rose said...

Oh my.....I remember when I had that kind of gas! I should rephrase that........."that kind of stanima" to stay out for hours and days! It will catch up with you eventually! Sounds like it already has.

Take it easy darling! You won't be missing out on me.

Hugs, Rose

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hey Jimmy,
How did you make all your money?


Linda's World said...

Well Jimmy, I'm happy to hear that you've had a good week. I came home with no left overs, so will have to actually cook a turkey to have turkey sandwiches some turkey lunch meat at the store. Whatever you decide for tonight~have a good weekend. Linda in WA

Martha said...

I'm sure with a quick nap you'll be up and running again! There's no place like chrome for the Hollandaise? ::rolling eyes and giggling:: Have a good evening whatever you decide :-)

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a fun evening and how gentlemanly of you not to leave that poor bartender standing there all alone. Take it easy and be careful.

garnett109 said...

Who is that sweet Nichol?

Paula said...

I didn't see that one coming. Chrome for the Hollandaise indeed.

Coelha :B said...

Sounds like you are having a good weekend! :) I love long weekends!! Julie

Nancy said...

My, know how to live it up. I just hope you keep doing it wisely and safely!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


MISSY said...

Who is Nicole anyway? Girlfriend, wife, friend? Just curious. (((HUGS))) *M*

Kelly said...

Hey Jimmy :) I am stopping in this Sunday afternoon to do some reading here and catching up. I have fallen behind once again on everyone, but I am doing my very best to make the rounds. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend. :) Hugs, Kelly

Pamela said...

Hi Jimmy! Sounds like you've been having a great week! Lots of fun! I wish I had your energy. Usually by 10pm I'm ready for bed LOL!
Have a good week!

Claudia's thoughts said...

Jimmy.....I finally made it over to your journal......I am always busy with my latest (self imposed ???) computer problem....I like the history lesson and birthday.


Winivere said...

great pics & awesome music.