Monday, February 2, 2009

After A Fine Super Bowl Weekend, It's Back To Work !

Congratulations to the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers, who defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27 to 23. Probably one of the most exciting Super Bowls I've ever seen, the game was a toss-up until the final seconds. I thought that Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" was excellent and I was very pleased to see Captain Sully Sullenberger and the rest of the crew of the U.S. Airway jet that successfully landed in the Hudson River.

I always get a kick out of the phrase "World Champions" though, especially since it's a closed professional sport and limited to the "world" of the United States. Nevertheless, it's a great win and I enjoyed the game. As for the commercials, I wasn't impressed. There were a few with good merit and probably the best ones were the Budweiser and Pepsi commercials, but previous years commercials were a lot more creative. Remember the Budweiser frogs and the lizards? Now those were commercials!

It felt good to get out to AREA 51 Friday evening and see what's going on in the local circles. As is my wont, I ended up playing dominoes and poker later in the evening and had a great time. It was quite cold when I headed for home, but the trip was good and it was great to see the paper boy again.

The current comments about Jessica Simpson's weight is beginning to irritate me. First and foremost, the ones that are making the comments couldn't hold a candle to her at any time or weight in their lives. We all have those years in our lives when we are young and handsome, but life evolves and we get older and have a tendency to add a few pounds. Methinks that if we were to show pictures of the detractors, we'd see a bunch of misfits who probably need to take a look in their own mirrors before casting stones. Personally, although she has noticeably put on some weight, I think she looks fine and there will always be room in Jimmy's AREA 51 for her!

Possum's Journal kicked off the "Pets Of The Week" Friday and will continue this feature every Friday. If you have a picture of your pet that you would like to share please email it to me at

CNN is reporting that California is just about broke and that doesn't surprise me a bit. That state is and always has been a magnet for the hard of understanding, pseudo-intellectuals, liberals and of course, most of Mexico. Guess what kids, contrary to the words of the anointed one, there is no free lunch. If you want to play, you have to pay.

CNN, a liberal news magazine whose obvious presidential bias left brown stains on their lips, can be quick to abandon it's fellow believers when the going gets tough and there's news dollars to reap.

I'm not usually one to recommend movies, but I recently saw two films that restore my faith in filmmakers. I dislike movies with implausible scenes such as one man defeating thirty other men with machine guns or car crashes involving 432 cars, half of which either explode or rollover and the hero never seems to be injured or killed.The two films (now on cable) were Fracture, a suspense film starring Anthony Hopkins and A Song For Bobby Long, starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson. Both films were excellent and I think you will enjoy them.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and went back onto his lodge and this means six more weeks of winter. Ratatouille, on the other hand, grabbed a couple of Buds and said, "piss on winter, I can handle it." What a guy!

This Date In History: 1848; The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed ending the Mexican-American War. 1943; German forces surrender following the successful Soviet siege of Stalingrad in World War II. 1979 Punk rocker and Sex Pistol, Sid Vicious, dies of a heroin overdose in New York.

Picture Of The Day Watching the Super Bowl and the Budweiser commercials reminded me that I have a few Budweiser pictures of my own and I thought I'd share them today.

Birthdays: Fritz Kreisler, Austrian-American violinist 1875, Fritz Kreisler, Austrian-American violinist 1875, Jascha Heifetz, Russian-American violinist 1901, Jascha Heifetz, Russian-American violinist 1901, Stan Getz, American saxophonist 1927.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming:

Two 80 year old men sat talking over the weather and the latest in medical science, and such, when one brings up the latest male medical miracle, Viagra. The other wasn't familiar with Viagra and asked the first man what it was for.The first man said, "It's the greatest thing I've ever known. The Fountain of Youth! Makes you feel like a man of 30." The second then asked, "Can you get it over the counter?" The first man replies, "You probably could, if you take 2 pills."

A married couple was in a terrible accident where the woman's face was severely burned. The doctor told the husband that they couldn't graft any skin from her body because she was too skinny. So the husband offered to donate some of his own skin. However, the only skin on his body that the doctor felt was suitable would have to come from his buttocks. The husband and wife agreed that they would tell no one about where the skin came from, and requested that the doctor also honor their secret. After all, this was a very delicate matter.

After the surgery was completed, everyone was astounded at the woman's new beauty. She looked more beautiful than she ever had before! All her friends and relatives just went on and on about her youthful beauty! One day, she was alone with her husband, and she was overcome with emotion at his sacrifice. She said, "Dear, I just want to thank you for everything you did for me. There is no way I could ever repay you." He replied, "My dear, I get all the thanks I need every time I see your mother kiss you on the cheek."

California vintners in the Napa Valley area, which primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio wines, have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic. It is expected to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom during the night. The new wine will be marketed as "Pino More".

That's it for today my little wine sippers. More On Wednesday.

Stay Tuned !


Heli gunner Tom said...

Wow! I just hate it when I MUST go the bath room in the last 2 minutes-- thinking that the game is over, and then the other team [that I was rooting for] pulled off a fantastic TD to win the game! And BOTH sides had too many personal fouls. I played 4 years of high school football, so I know most of the rules... lol.
It was a great day--great game! And what a teat to see Gen. Petraeus flip the coin!

Tom S

Julie said...

My son is floating on air over the win today, LOL. Thank you for sticking up for Jessica Simpson's slight weight gain. I agree.

Rose said...

Yes, it was a great and exciting game.

Poor Jessica is taking a verbal beating and half the women would wish to look like her in this so called heavy state. OMIG When it is a slow day on the News..they have to attack something real stupid.

Love all your graphics.

I'm busy making my sauce and meatballs. I've been standing my the stove since noontime....Oh my aching back. Well, we Italians call it gravy. I'm having a bunch of girlfriends over for dinner tomorrow night.

Hugs, Rose

garnett109 said...

That was a great game , I thought the cards were going to pull it off!
2nd half commercials were in 3d but alas I still loved the frogs!

garnett109 said...

And Yes A it was nice to see 1549 in all their glory

Myra said...

I thought the commercials were rather flat...there wasn't one that made me LOL or that wow'd me. So when the "porn" clip came on, I thought it was an edgier commercial - it wasn't! Love games where it goes down to the wire!!

Linda's World said...

I intended to watch the first half hour of the game to see Jennifer Hudson & the Avon commercial that was supposed to run in that first half hour. But alas, I had gone to the store, ran into someone I knew & didn't get back home until the game had been on for 45 minutes. So then I watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet for awhile. So it was back & forth between the two channels until the last 20 minutes of the SB. The half time show in the Puppy Bowl was great~it was kittens playing. How's the paper boy doing these days? I'm sure he was thrilled to see you. We're looking forward to a Domino game this coming Saturday at the home of one of Bob's daughters. Pizza & Domino's ~ it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Like you, I find most "World" references to be funny and full of over-ego.
Jessica looks fine. Go to the average mall- people just don't look like Kate Moss unless they do that level of coke. ~Mary

sherry said...

I enjoyed this entry very much and it is scary how much we agree on things and ps I am with ratatoi lol

Pamela said...

It was a great game! LOL on the skin are so funny!

natalie said...

Dear Jimmy,
what a great entry!
Jimmy I loves the jokes too!
uhhh ..that picture was..uh..glorious

natalie said...

Dear Jimmy,
:)Would you please weigh in on my journal and on toms and Dirks about the importance of the Bill of Rights! thanks!
And JImmy please let me knwo if you are concerned about that senator in Illinois when it comes to our rights! (Tom's story)

Missy said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl and haven't seen any recent pictures of Jessica Simpson. She's a beautiful girl though and will always be I bet.

ggal2933 said...

I could really kick myself....I fell asleep and missed the entire super bowl! I'm blaming my 12 hour shift that day!