Friday, January 30, 2009

As Trini Lopez's Song Goes, "If I Had A Hammer" (I'd Bust It Upside Some Politicians' Heads) !

So, do you really want to resolve America's economic woes? The government doesn't have an inkling as to how to resolve the problem and never has. The so-called stimulus plan contains so much pork that it oinks when you read it. The 647 page document, doubtfully read by most members of Congress, is a harder read than "War and Peace."

Will spending billions for dollars for such things as the study of contraception, the sodding of the National Mall, the national endowment of the arts, building repairs for the Smithsonian and greenhouse research for NASA and NOAH, jump start the economy? The handing out of checks to people who do not pay federal income taxes is welfare, not a stimulus.

The government is just mortgaging our children and grandchildren's future by printing money as fast as they can. This money is then backed by loans from countries like China who have woes of their own. The buck has to stop sooner or later and woe be unto the people that are stuck with the bill.

If you want to help jump start the economy, you can begin by BUYING AMERICAN. Government and economists say that this is not a good idea because it will cost Americans more money in the long run. Moreover, the government has provisions that it can't even buy American in some cases. So forget about the government coming up with a plan.

If everyone buys American when possible, things will begin to turn around. You might pay a little more at first, but that small increase will be invested into a company that might be paying a higher wage to its workers instead of outsourcing the work to countries like India and China. In turn, that company's success will guarantee the continued employment of the worker who otherwise might be unemployed. This employee, in turn, will go out into the market place and purchase goods and services which will make the economy strong for all. Think about it!

State Farm Insurance has announced that they will no longer write home owners insurance polices in the state of Florida. After asking the Florida government for rate increases of nearly 50% and having the request denied, they announced that it would be cost prohibitive to continue underwriting homeowners policies. The State of Florida needs to tell the blood sucking, pick and choose, State Farm Insurance that if the can't underwrite homeowners insurance, then they will not be allowed to sell any form of insurance in Florida, including car and life insurance policies. If you want to eat your fillet Mignon, you also have to eat your vegetables!

Citi Group, who recently accepted 45 billion dollars in bailout money, had to reject delivery of a 42 million dollar corporate jet after the government found out about it. Talk about a pair of cojones, this is how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent with the useless bailout of banks who, after receiving billions of dollars in aid, continue with business (read corruption) as usual. Uh,...anyone ever heard of transparency and accountability?

Blago's Out! Rod Blagojevich was impeached by the Illinois Senateyesterday and was replaced by Lt. Governor Pat Quinn. Blagojevich's troubles are not over as federal prosecutors are drawing up an indictment against him on corruption charges. Corruption? In Chicago, Illinois? What other politicians are from Illinois?

Stepping Off The Soapbox and slipping into my casual mind, today's Friday and a trip to AREA 51 is in order. It's been too long since I have hung out with my pals and a little rest and recreation sounds like a fine idea.

The Super Bowl is on Sunday and partying will be rampant. Since there's no Florida team playing, I really don't have a preference as to the winner, but my heart always lies with the underdog. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the favored team so I'm going out on a limb and I'll be rooting for the Arizona Cardinals. For you Cardinals fans, here's a cactus!

Possum's Journal features Pets Of The Week today so stop by and visit him. The little guy has been working hard on his journal and with his handicap (he has seven toes on each front paw), it's a bit difficult for him to type. Here's the link:

This Date In History: 1649; A week after having been found guilty for treason, King Charles I is beheaded. 1826; The Menai Suspension Bridge between Anglesey and North Wales is opened. 1933; Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg. 1948; Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Godse. 1965; Winston Churchill is given a state funeral. 1972; Bloody Sunday sees the shooting of 26 men, 13 fatally, by the British Army in Londonderry following a banned march protesting against internment.

Picture Of The Week: Transparency and Images are today's theme so I thought I'd give you some more serene images to lessen the venomous anger that seems to fill me today. The constant barrage of ridiculous happenings and the stupid people involved in same has me a bit testy. I defintely will be meeting with my advisor, Johnnie Walker Black, in AREA 51 this evening. I got a little goofy with pictures today, but I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I put them all in. As my pal Nancy says, I'm a little eclectic.

Birthdays: My pal and sweetie-pie, Tania. Happy Birthday Baby 19XX, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945); elected for an unprecedented four terms, he was one of the 20th century's most skillful political leaders 1882, Gene Hackman, actor 1930, Vanessa Redgrave, actor 1937.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: My thanks to my pal Robin for her contributions to today's stories.

A Mexican, an Iraqi, and a Texas girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, "In Mexico, our glasses are so cheap, we don't need to drink with the same glass twice."

Ahmed, the Iraqi, is so impressed by this that he tosses his glass in the air, pulls out his AK-47 and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, "In Iraq, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't have to drink from the same glass either."

The Texas girl picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, pulls out her 45 and shoots the Mexican and the Iraqi. She catches her beer in mid-air, sets it on the bar, orders a refill and says, "In Texas, we have so many illegal aliens, that we don't have to drink with the same ones twice!"

Amazing statistics about the recent presidential inauguration is that 1.5 million people attended the ceremonies and only 1,000 people missed work. As the few attendees that pay federal income taxes prepared their 2008 federal tax returns, one in particular included the following letter:

Enclosed is my 2008 Form 1040, together with payment. Please take note of the attached article from "USA Today" archives. In the article, you will note that the Pentagon paid $171.50 each for hammers and NASA paid $600.00 each for toilet seats. Please find enclosed in this package four toilet seats (value $2,400.00) and six hammers (value $1,029.00). This is in payment for my total tax due of $3,429.00.

Out of a sense of patriotic duty, and to assist in the political purification of our government, I am also enclosing a 15 inch Phillips head screw driver, for which HUD duly recorded and approved a purchase value of $2200, as my contribution to fulfill the Presidential Election Fund option on Form 1040. It has been a pleasure to pay my taxes this year and I look forward to paying them again next year in accordance with officially established government values.

Another satisfied American taxpayer.

That's it for today my little overtaxed and underpaid pals. Have a great and safe weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


garnett109 said...

We just ousted 2 corrupt judges here in luzerne county , wilkes - barre pa.
It seems that the corruption is a never ending job in politics!
Jimmy is it true that there'll be 3d ads during half time?

Rose said...

I want Jimmy Sullivan for President!

Who out there agrees with me?

Hugs, Rose

Frances said...

I agree with you about buying American products, but most of the time 'American' products have parts in them that are not American. I also agree with Rose, if we make you president, will you make 'American products,'American'?
LOL Enjoy your trip to Area 51!!!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Jimmy,
Your post was so true and accurate!
I remember working for AMC [and latter Chrysler] in the 1970's when the Japanese dumped/ flooded our country with cars, etc that hurt our working class pocket books. I expect the general American population to riot before Obama's term is over, and that is why the Gov't is building all those 'Concentration Camps' now in the U.S.

Tom S

Julie said...

I love a man who is not afraid to speak the truth. I heard in the news that 48% of the people in Detroit were functionally illiterate
and they all voted. One guess who for. Stimulus package? Payoffs if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I see the vodka bottle on the left. Do try Diamond Standard vodka. Very smooth. I'm skipping around finding all different blogs from the past AOL community.
Don't be shy, Jimmy. Tell us how you feel ;-0. I have nothing against Obama, in fact I think he is TRYING, but some of it is implausible, and some of his SUPER followers will find that he said A at times knowing he'd have to do D, just like all Pols.

Silverdoe said...

I couldn't agree more on the BUY AMERICAN. They just don't seem to get it that there are no jobs because everything we buy is manufactured in China. (DUH..c'mon Obama, you have to be able to see that!) I am a small business owner and trying to keep our manufacturing here in the states has been a battle. Sooo...I wonder what I have to do to get MY business stimulated!!

Jeannie Pickering said...

Hello, please everyone with State Farm, call and advise you will not continue do any type of business with them if they pull our homeowners. I would encourage do not call the # on nice letter we got, my call your agent, that is who will losing money personally if all pull our policies. This might get their attn. Jeannie

Paula said...

I agree about buying American. Recently John and I went together on the cost of a product in a catalog. we were surprised when it came to find it was made in Taiwan. Fed Ex came to retrieve it yesterday. It was a lot of trouble to send it back but we did and I'm glad. Have fun at Area 51 tonight.

Coelha :B said...

Good ideas Jimmy! :) Happy Birthday to your Tania! :) Julie

Linda's World said...

Another great post. I'm glad you took Mary's advice and aren't shy about speaking out. I saw Blagojevich on all the morning talk shows the other day, maintaining his innocence. Barbara Walters really nailed she kept asking him "did you offer the Senate seat to the highest bidder" all he kept saying was that those statements were taken out of context and the Illinois Senate wouldn't allow him to bring in witnesses to help him prove his innocence. He & his lovey wife are total foul mouthed jerks. Hey I think he deserves the coveted C.A.T. award.
Have a marvy weekend...Linda in WA P.S. I didn't read Possum's Blog entry but Gabi did.

natalie said...

JImmy I am hoping that the bipartisan group will look more closely at jobs for the immediate future like FDR did..what happened to following FDR?I appreciated your thumbs up to him!'
Hey what about those Steelers? did you watch> the Cardinals should have won acc. my teen,huh
what does Possum make of all of this?

Missy said...

I agree about buying American products. Nothing irritates me more than calling AOL or Verizon and getting a foreigner on the line. That could be one of our own earning their income you know?