Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day two - The migration has begun and quite a few of our migrating geese have arrived and began building their new nests. A community is rebuilding itself, one stone, one twig, at a time. I have received a plethora of emails, asking what, how, where? I have an answer, my little goslings. Take a step back and relax.

All things will come in time. Those who have figured it out, will tell those who are struggling. Those who are frustrated, will get up and walk away from their computers and when they return, that little missing point will greet them and show them the way.

This entry is a little late and very different from my normal entries. This Date In History, Birthdays and "The Hits" will eventually find their places in future entries, but for the moment, I'm just going to relax and take it little by little. I suggest that all of you just relax and do the same.

In a month or so, this community will be right back where it belongs and it will return to it's original state, normal wear and tear excepted.

As for me, I took a dose (or two) of my own medicine and have just returned from AREA 51. I'm still watching the changing tides of ownership run its course and like all of you, I needed a break.

Until we have a method of alerts (and I understand there's a remedy for same), my normal daily post time is around 5:00 pm daily (EST). Stop by an hour or two after my normal posting time and hopefully, you'll get the next infusion from my feeble little mind.

That's it for today, my little muskrats. More tomorrow.

Stay Tuned !


Beth said...

It feels kind of good to just take a breather, settle in, and get comfortable. There have been so many emails and questions about things that I wasn't able to do anything with Blogger until late afternoon! I think we'll all get comfortable as the days go by, and as you said, we'll all help each other. :)

Love, Beth

Anne said...

You are right, you can't learn everything at once. Just take a little step at a time. It's always good to stop by to visit you. I've become acustome to your face.........errrr blog!!! Anne

garnett109 said...

Jim where it says sign in on you blog upper right hand corner click on that sign in and all update blogs of your followers will appear
pass it along please

MISSY said...

I'd like to figure out how to get alerts myself. What if someone comments an entry I made 3 weeks ago? Grrr. Anyway, we'll get it figured out.

Missie said...

I think we're all starting to settle in now. Check me out when you have time.