Friday, July 15, 2011

A Tribute To Songstress Eva Cassidy (1963-1996)

I fell in love with Eva Cassidy's voice the first time I heard her sing "Over The Rainbow" about three years ago. As a vocalist and musician, I instinctively searched for more of her recordings and more about the young songstress's life. As I found more of her recordings, I became more and more smitten by her exceptional voice, unaware of the sad news that would eventually reveal itself to me.

Known for her interpretations of jazz, blues, folk, gospel, country and pop classics, Eva released her first album in 1992, entitled "The Other Side", a set of duets with musician Chuck Brown. Her second release was a live solo album, "Live at Blues Alley" in 1996.

As I continued to look for more information, I learned that in 1996, Cassidy noticed an ache in her hips. The pain persisted and a few weeks later, X-rays revealed that the melanoma. which was diagnosed during a routine mole removal in 1993, had spread to her lungs and bones. Her doctors estimated she had three to five months to live.

Cassidy opted for aggressive treatment, but her health deteriorated rapidly. In her final public performance in September 1996, at the "Bayou", she closed the set with "What a Wonderful World" in front of an audience of friends, fans and family. She was subsequently admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Eva Cassidy died at her family home on November 2, 1996, at the age of 33. She was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Washington Area Music Association.

Four years later, Cassidy's music was brought to the attention of British audiences when her version of "Over the Rainbow" was played by Terry Wogan on BBC Radio 2. Following the overwhelming response, a camcorder recording of "Over the Rainbow", taken at the Blues Alley, was shown on BBC Two's Top of the Pops 2. Shortly afterwards, the compilation album Songbird climbed to the top of the UK Albums Charts, almost three years after its initial release.

The chart success in the United Kingdom and Ireland led to increased recognition worldwide; her posthumously released recordings, including three UK #1s, have sold more than ten million copies. Her music has also charted top 10 positions in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

It broke my heart when I discovered that the beautiful voice I had been listening to had been silenced in 1996, twelve years before I had first heard her recording. Please turn off my music playlist located on my left sidebar.

It brings tears to my eyes again as I present to you Eva Cassidy and her incredible interpretation of "Over The Rainbow."

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Picture Of The Day: The lovely Eva Marie Cassidy (February 2, 1963 – November 2, 1996) in peace, love.

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That's it for today my little goslings. Remember, If you try long enough and hard enough, you can always manage to kick yourself in the ass! I'm going to AREA 51 for happy hour. Have a great weekend and more on Monday.

Stay Tuned !


jack69 said...

Hey Jimmy, nice tribute to Eva. YOu make her sound great. I do miss my hearing sometimes.

Then on a lighter side:

Nite down there.

From just above the Suwanee River.
Jack & Sherry

PS: maybe the lottery tickets ain't a bad idea!!!

Linda's World said...

Beautiful ~ I'd never heard of her before...

Paula said...

Beautiful young talented singer, so sad.

garnett109 said...

Beautiful Voice

Ally Lifewithally said...

So very Sad about Eva such a beautiful voice ~ such a lovely person ~ Ally x